Easter Sunday Reflection by Fr. Herbert Ene

Easter Sunday Reflection by Fr. Herbert Ene
(Acts 10:34, 38-42; Colossians 3:1-4; John 20:1-9)

“This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad” (Psalm 118:24). This is our Responsorial Psalm for Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord. Why do we rejoice today? We rejoice because our faith in Christ has been vindicated, truth has triumphed over falsity, justice over injustice and tragedy has turned into comedy.

On Good Friday we heard of the story of how Jesus was falsely charged of crimes he did not commit, and unjustly sentenced to a death he did not deserve. His good friend betrayed him, his trusted companions deserted him and his number one man denied him. The people he loved demanded his crucifixion and chose to have the bandit Barabbas released in his place.

It is a story of betrayal and lies, dishonesty and meanness, unfaithfulness and wicked violence directed against an innocent and apparently helpless victim. Jesus was scourged, mocked, led on the death march, nailed to the cross where he dies after a few hours and hastily buried in a tomb. It would have been a bad story – a tragedy, if that were the end of the story. But glory be to God it is not.

Death is not the end of the story. There is one more final chapter, a chapter of the story of Jesus rising from the dead in all glory and majesty. He is vindicated. His enemies are shamed and confused. Jesus regains his eternal glory with the Father. He is the Lord, who will prevail over all humankind, his enemies included. For us his embattled followers this is good news.

It is good news to know that truth is immortal. We can suppress Truth, accuse it of being a lie, condemn it, torture it, kill it, and bury it in the grave but on the third day Truth will rise again. Remember this and do not give up on Truth even when everybody seems to give up on it. Do not give up on Truth; do not give up on Justice. Do not give up on doing what is right. True will always be true. We must learn to believe in the sun even when it is not shining; knowing that by and by it will shine again.

My dear people of God, it is the end of the story that counts. That is why the church asks us today to rejoice and be glad. This period in our life, we are facing enormous difficulties as a result of COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. We have heard many confusing and conflicting views on the issue. God is not asleep. He is fully aware of all these trials. Yes, we are going through very difficult times: through betrayal, unjust discrimination, lies, and misrepresentations. At times the enemy seems to be winning the battle in our lives. Today Christ has won. And we know that in Christ we shall overcome.